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90 Miles Per Hour Results in Jail Time

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90 Miles Per Hour May Result in Jail Time

Northern Virginia, particularly Fairfax County, is the wrong place to be charged with a moving violation due to the vigorous prosecution of traffic tickets, particularly DWI's and reckless driving. Speeds of 20 miles over the posted limit are charged as reckless driving. Furthermore, a number of judges in the Fairfax County General District Court, absent extreme extenuating circumstances, insist that defendants go to jail if they are found guilty of speeding over 90 miles per hour. The amount of jail time is dependent upon the judge, the speed and the DMV record of the defendant.

Since the prosecutors in Fairfax County will not meet with defendants but will discuss cases with attorneys, it is important to hire a lawyer experienced in this County for difficult traffic cases such as DWI's and reckless driving. Experienced counsel will try to avoid trials with certain judges, if possible. Furthermore, experienced counsel will understand how to present a case in the "best light" to the prosecutor and the judge.

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