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Virginia Sharply Increases Fees for Traffic Convictions

Virginia Sharply Increases Fees for Traffic Convictions

Effective July 1, 2007, the courts of Virginia will begin to assess “civil remedial fees” against Virginia residents who are convicted of certain misdemeanor or felony traffic violations on Virginia highways.   The new fees will be assessed in addition to the existing fines for such traffic convictions, and will be used to fund the various transportation needs of the Commonwealth.  The fees will be imposed in three equal parts: the first part due immediately upon conviction, the second part due within 14 months of the conviction, and the third part due within 26 months of the conviction. 

If charged with a traffic violation carrying with it a civil remedial fee, it is very important that you retain legal counsel to represent you in traffic court.  An experienced attorney can greatly reduce the likelihood that you are convicted of the violation and required to pay the associated fee, and therefore decrease the total costs associated with your offense.  

Below is a list of several traffic violations and the associated civil remedial fees:

Driving on a suspended/revoked license $750
No driver’s license   $900
Aggressive Driving    $1,050
Reckless driving (misdemeanor)   $1,050
DWI/DUI (first or second offense)  $2,250 DWI/DUI (third offense)                            $3,000

For a complete list of traffic violations carrying civil remedial fees, visit: www.courts.state.va.us/publications/hb_3202.pdf

If you have been charged with a violation subject to the civil fees and want representation, contact Gross & Romanick, P.C. at (703) 273-1400 or visit our website at www.gross.com.

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