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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us? We have exceptional experience in Northern Virginia handling all types of criminal and traffic matters.  We have handled hundreds of cases involving reckless driving and DUI-DWI drunk driving.  Since 1980 we have provided vigorous defenses for all manner of criminal cases.


We have the experience.  Of course, our first goal is to achieve an acquittal or a dismissal of the charges against our clients.  However, we also can negotiate plea agreements.  Because of our extensive experience in the various courts of Northern Virginia, we have the ability to meet with the prosecuting attorneys to negotiate a satisfactory plea agreement.

Having appeared in so many cases, we know the tendencies of specific judges and the most effective way to present your case to a jury.  We know how to best operate within the system to improve your chances at trial.  We are well prepared to defend your rights in court!

Our firm is the right size to provide personal attention to each case. Because we have maintained an experienced team of professionals for many years, we are able to provide extremely high quality legal services at reasonable cost to the client.

We have the technology.

Being at the forefront of technology helps the firm rigorously defend the legal rights of our clients and keep them informed of the status of their cases. The office has developed its own computer program for case-tracking data management and document production. Our computers are online with various courts and research tools.

We work hard, we have integrity, and we combine sophistication with sensitivity.

Our firm understands that preparation and timeliness is essential to a successful outcome in criminal and traffic court. Being knowledgeable, responsive, efficient and effective enables our firm to accomplish our client's goals. Working late nights and weekends are the norm, rather than the exception in our firm.

We have a client-friendly philosophy.

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